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The single best way to manage high blood pressure from home
Marley Medical's world class team of physicians, nurses, and pharmacists listen to you and build a care plan that works for you. We are now accepting new patients.
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How we work

Our specialized care team is available to you 24/7 and will ship everything you need to manage your high blood pressure to your home. Our care team will provide ongoing reports to you and your current doctor on your progress toward goal.

Easy Access to Care Team

Unlimited messaging to a dedicated care team
Next day appointments

Personalized Health Coaching

We use proven approaches to managing your health, considering more than just medications
Our coaches provide recommendations and counseling on diet, stress, sleep and physical activity

Ongoing Connection

We ship you a cellular-enabled home monitoring device at no additional cost
We monitor your health and proactively reach out if we notice any changes

Get to Goal, Together

Our clinicians collaborate with you and your other clinicians so you can achieve your goals
We'll review and update your medications to get you in a better place

Why join?

At Marley Medical we go way beyond your average hypertension practice.
We believe you should have unlimited access to your care team.
We believe in meeting you where you are; with the convenience of virtual visits and care team messaging
We believe getting you to your goal should take twelve weeks or less.
We believe in an individualized care plan, tailored to your goals

Our care team

Marley Medical's world class team of physicians, nurses, and pharmacists listen to you in order to make it easier to manage your high blood pressure from home.

Rachel Bennett, MD

Family Medicine Physician

Chelsea Biel, BSN, RN

Registered Nurse

Rebecca Liggon, Pharm D.

Clinical Pharmacist

Vik Bakhru, MD

Lead Clinical Advisor



one time
20 minute online visit or phone call focused on you and your health goals


Blood pressure monitor shipped right to your door
Unlimited messaging with your dedicated care team
Next day appointments
Your care team will monitor your progress and help you reach your goals


Is Marley Medical a licensed physician practice?

Yes, Marley Medical is licensed to practice medicine in all of the states in which we operate. We employ board certified Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Pharmacists who are independently licensed within the states we operate.

Do I have to change doctors if I join Marley Medical?

No. We can work with your existing primary care physician or cardiologist to more conveniently manage your high blood pressure. We will share your progress with your other physicians or care teams, at your request. If you do not already have a doctor you like, we are building a full service primary care practice, and can assist you with any medical needs you have.

How much does Marley Medical cost?

Marley Medical currently costs $20 a month. We are working on accepting insurance soon.

Can I cancel after I join Marley Medical?

Yes. Of course we hope to make it so easy and enjoyable to manage your high blood pressure that you will want to stay, but you can leave Marley Medical any time you like. We will provide you with a full medical record that you can share with your other physicians, and you keep any monitoring devices that have been sent to you.


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Marley Medical is a virtual primary care clinic, focused on people with common chronic diseases.