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When we noticed that people with chronic conditions were being sorely neglected by the current healthcare system, we set out to change that. Our mission is to make health care convenient, high-tech and low-cost. Marley Medical physicians, nurses, and pharmacists help create a care plan that works for you.

We specialize
in the leading areas of heart health

Our focus

Heart-related health issues tend to arise together, so we specialize in the four leading areas of concern.
High Blood Pressure

There’s no need to let hypertension control your life. Just knowing you have a care plan with professionals on call should help bring your blood pressure down a few points.

High Cholesterol

As one of the major controllable risk factors for heart disease and its complications, high cholesterol can seem scary. The key word here is controllable—that’s what we help you do.


Type 2 diabetes is on the rise worldwide, but it can be delayed—and even prevented. We offer guidance with nutrition, fitness routines and activities that you'll actually enjoy to help you reach your goals.

Weight Management

Achieving your body's ideal weight is key in managing heart health. With a team of experts coaching you through exercise, nutrition, and stress reduction, weight loss goes from a seemingly impossible challenge to an inevitable outcome.

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Expert care you don't have to leave home for

How it works

Our expert team of physicians, nurses, pharmacists and health coaches are always available to listen to you and build a care plan that works for your lifestyle. We’ll ship everything you need to manage your health from the convenience of your home.

Our process

We don't just write prescriptions and send you on your way. Our integrated care model uses the power of telemedicine to stay connected and oversee your progress.

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How we compare

We offer a modern approach to health care

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Smart devices and monitoring

Submitting your BP and weight readings is effortless and automatic with our connected devices.

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Medication management

Your doctor will monitor and make adjustments as needed.

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Methods designed for results

Consult with specialists who know what works best.


Health coaching

Because everything is easier when you have support and encouragement.

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Diet and activity programs

Together we’ll create a regimen that you’ll enjoy, not endure.

Personalized Care

Next day appointments

No more driving to a doctor’s office or waiting in line.

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Availability to fit your schedule

We work with you at your convenience.

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Start your free consultation

Our world class team of physicians, nurses, and pharmacists will design a personalized care plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

holistic care for hypertension
holistic care for hypertension
holistic care for hypertension
your health on your terms
your health on your terms
your health on your terms
your health on your terms
your health on your terms
your health on your terms
your health on your terms