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"I am currently a patient of Marley Medical. I started with them about a month ago. So far, so good. The entire staff is wonderful! I get a lot of feedback and now I will be a part of their health and diet coaching. I'm really happy with what they have to offer."


"I have had high blood pressure since my early 40’s and I’m always looking for ways to improve it. I was able to get an initial consultation and follow up with their team and I’ve already seen an improvement. Sometimes it’s small tweaks to my lifestyle or new information they’ve passed along, and keeping up a dialogue about my blood pressure is so helpful. I would highly recommend Marley Medical to anyone who wants to keep their blood pressure top of mind!"


"I have learned a lot being with Marley and interacting with the professional staff… i am reaching goals with trials and errors, but learning every day. I thank u and team for being there and caring enough to help us out here struggling with our health goals…"


"I have learned a lot being with Marley Medical. I am reaching goals and learning every day."


"Weight is down 10lbs, BP back in the pre hypertension range and a focus on fixing the other outstanding issues by adjusting medication, diet and exercise."

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